Specs – Custom Measures & Marks for Photoshop

Specs makes it easy to generate measurements (sizes, distances), guidelines and color samples in Photoshop.

Everything is customizable in its appearance and most of the settings update in real time.

Main Functions:

  • Measure Size: Add measurements for selected layers to indicate height and width
  • Measure Distance: Add measurements for the distances between two selected layers (or document edge)
  • Measure Custom: Auto-selects the ruler tool and let’s you draw a measurement
  • Guides from Layer: Renders guidelines along the edges of a layer
  • Draw Guideline: Place a guide and it gets drawn as a line
  • Sample Color: Take a color sample in various color modes
  • Layer/Document Info: List various properties (auto detects if it’s a shape, text or normal layer and shows relevant info)


Most settings will update the look in real-time without having to recreate the elements

  • Global: Font, Font Size, Unit (px,cm,mm,in,pica, pt), Show Unit (on / off)
  • Measurements: Color, Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Text Location (on line / next to line), Stroke Width, Limiter (none, arrow, dot, line), Offset, Rotate Text (on / off)
  • Guidelines: Color, Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Text Location (on line / next to line), Stroke Width, Show Text (on / off)
  • Color Samples: Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Output Mode (Hex Code, RGB, CMYK, HSB)
  • Info-Boxes: Text Color, Text BG Color, Text BG Size, Properties (select from 18 options)


  • Auto-Update on Enter (on/off): pressing Enter in an input after changing the value automatically updates the look
  • Auto-Cancel Listeners (on/off): If on, it will cancel listening for the [new guide], [draw ruler] and [sample color] event once the action has been done by the user. Turn it off if you want to consecutively add multiple samples/measures/guides.
  • Show Panel Header (on/off): Shows or hides the top part of the interface
  • Show Settings (on/off): Shows or hides the settings view
  • Minimize Buttons (on/off): Show only icons on buttons, no text
  • Render better TextBG: Creates cleaner rectangle boxes behind the text. Do this at the end, when youre done with customizations.
  • Set Font to currently active: Sets the font setting to the currently active font of the text tool in Photoshop. (so you don’t have to try and guess the name of a font)
  • Delete Nesting helpers: Removes the layers that just exist for the plugin to nest groups correctly
  • Delete Specs: Removes the [specs]-folder created by the plugin with all the measurements etc in it
  • Reset Panel State: Resets the panel to the initial settings

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.