Icon Board – Free Photoshop Plugin

Define icon presets and generate as many icon variations as you want with this free Photoshop plugin.

Do you regularly have to create multiple versions of the same icon in different sizes and colors? Then Icon Board can speed up this process for you.

Plugin features include:

  • generate icon variations as individual artboards
  • specify color, name, size and padding
  • real time preview of the resulting icon (for shape layers)
  • works with any layer type (multiple get converted to smart object automatically)
  • name templating: use variables such as ${size} or ${i} for dynamic icon naming
  • fully supports unit values (px, mm, cm, in, %, pc, pt)
  • input field validation
  • responsive & theme aware (supports all 4 UI themes of Photoshop)
  • preview mode to view icons in real size
  • add, duplicate and delete icon settings
  • save often used settings as presets

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.