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Sevenstyles is a digital market focussed on unity. We make more sales and drive more traffic when we work together. Earn from recommending products that pair with yours. Earn from sharing links to your audience, not first-time buyers. Our listing system ensures success selling with us as you can redirect traffic on your products at any time.
Listing your product on Sevenstyles is a free way to get more traffic and sales. Listings can also earn money from Sale Assists – our dynamic, smart recommendation system. If you sell on your own website or on another market, Sevenstyles can help get you more traffic and sales.
All applications are reviewed. We value quality and buyer experience above all other factors. Here are some things we like to see: 
  1.  Inspiring products.  Inspiring products make people take action. To be inspired is why we joined the creative industry – to create impactful products that enhance the world.
  2. Sales. Product sales show that you helped someone in the market –  and they thanked you by giving you money. We aren’t focused on high sales numbers, rather sellers who focus on helping buyers.
  3. A track record of happy customers.  Do users enjoy your products? Do they leave positive reviews and comments? How do you respond to inquiries and reviews?
Currently, we are focussing on Graphics, Video, and 3D. We will continue to add more categories and support more applications as we see a demand.

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