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Choose from selling your items on Sevenstyles or listing, which allows you to showcase your items (for free) and link to another purchase location.


Expand your customer base, sell among top creators and grow your brand.

  • Earn 70% per sale   Where do the fees go?
  • Earn 20% per Sale Assist
  • Earn 20% for referral sales
  • Your items are promoted by other brands
  • Earn with your free items
sell on sevenstyles
list on sevenstyles


Showcase your items to an audience looking for their next creative assets.

  • Your items are not sold on Sevenstyles 
  • Link your free or paid items to any website
  • It’s free, quick and easy to add a listing
  • Provide multiple download links per listing
  • View a listing

Introducing Sale Assists

A new way for creators to collaborate and earn

In addition to earning 70% per sale, creators also earn without their items selling or posting affiliate links.

Using Sevenstyles item recommendation tool, recommend 5 items by other creators on your item pages.

When a customer clicks on any item you recommend and purchases it, earn 20% of the item price.

Build a new source of passive income just by showcasing items you love.

Earn with free items

Upload your free items to Sevenstyles and earn or list your free items and link out to any download location you choose.

Smart keywords

Sevenstyles features a smart keyword system to help automate adding and managing keywords (tags).

We automatically add relevant keywords, suggest keywords you might have missed and periodically add new keywords to your items to help increase your exposure.

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Frequently asked questions.

Our mission is to encourage collaboration among creators. More creators working together creates more earning opportunities and ultimately increases earnings.
To help achieve this, we introduced Sale Assists – creators earn 20% of any item that they recommend on our platform. 
With our Sale Assists, only items sold on Sevenstyles can be recommended. This gives items available for purchase much more exposure than listings. 
In addition to earning from Sale Assists, earn 70% per sale plus 20% per referral with no exclusivity. 
Everyone who creates digital products can benefit from Sevenstyles, not just creators who sell on our platform. You can add your items as a listing without selling them directly on Sevenstyles for free.
Listings are a great way to get more traffic to your website or items on other platforms. Plus, if you sell on an e-commerce site that has an affiliate program, you can attach your own referral links to your listings.
If one day you decide to change any of your items from a listing to selling directly on Sevenstyles, it’s as easy as hitting a button. 
People visit Sevenstyles to discover creative tools. Whether you choose to sell, list or both,  Sevenstyles can help you get more traffic and sales.

Since we don’t limit referral link sales to first-time buyers, almost every sale on Sevenstyles has a referral sale of 20% or a Sale Assist of 20%. 

After accounting for the transaction fee, the market earns 5-7% per sale, which goes towards operating expenses, marketing, and new features for creators. 

All applications are reviewed. We value quality and buyer experience above all other factors. Here are some things we like to see: 

Inspiring products.  Inspiring products make people take action. It’s why we joined the creative industry – to create impactful products that enhance the world around us.

Sales. Product sales are a tangible way we can see that you’ve added value to your audience. We aren’t necessarily focused on high sales numbers. Instead, we look for sellers who continually add value to their audience with excellence.

A track record of happy customers.  Do users enjoy your products? Do they leave positive reviews and comments? How do you respond to reviews?
Currently, we are accepting items in Graphics, Video, and 3D. We will continue to add more categories in the future.

We’re here to help. Message us at [email protected]