Shape Rounder – Path Editing Kit for Photoshop

Create rounded corners with any shape easily with this Photoshop plugin.


  • Min. Version of Photoshop: CC 2018
  • Not supported on Apple Devices using M1 Chips (only in Rosetta Mode)

As the name suggests, Shape Rounder creates rounded corners for any shape by recalculating the path. Until now, Photoshop users without Illustrator have been stuck with rounded rectangles only – Shape Rounder fills this gap. Edit individual points or define a repeated pattern and adjust the curve flatness. All changes become immediately visible, thanks to path caching and live reload.


  • Edit Individual Points
  • Filter Points By Angle
  • Cache Original Path (Reset at any time)
  • Live Changes / Preview
  • Define Value Patterns
  • Adjustable Curve Flatness
  • Works with any Pathkind (Workpath, Vectormask, Normal Path, …)
  • Precise Bezier Curve Calculations
  • Last settings loaded at Startup
  • Original Path Storeable in ShapeLayer Metadata (saved in PSD)

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.