The Ink Stamp Distresser for Photoshop

Stamp your graphics with ink with this 1 click Photoshop Action

This brand new super easy, super high-res Photoshop action makes anything look like it’s been stamped with ink. Easy to install and use. It gives a different result every time you use it. Play around to achieve a super-realistic ink stamp looks in seconds.

How to use:

Move the downloaded folder to somewhere permanent‚Äč. Open the folder with the downloaded assets.

1. First, install the PATTERN_INSTALL_FIRST.pat file.
2. Then install THE_INK_STAMP_DISTRESSER.atn file.
3. Open a document, the recommended size is around 2500x2500px, but all sizes work.
4. Navigate to the “actions” tab. Select your layer and press Press To Distress.
5. Have fun!


– Fast and easy-to-use
– One click effect
– Extremely high-res
– Works with text, logos, and most vector artwork
– Adds instant ink and stamp effect
– Video tutorials included in the pack

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.