416 Midjourney Prompts for Creative Portraits

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A bundle of 416 customisable ai art prompts for creative portraits

⚡ This prompt bundle is 1 of 100+ included in the all access pass.

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❔ Ai art prompt bundle’s FAQ’s:

✅ Are example images included with each prompt?

Yes. Every prompt in this bundle (and every other bundle) comes with 4 example images that were generated in Midjourney. This is to ensure you quickly know what results to expect from each prompt.

✅ Can I use the prompts with any other ai art generator like Firefly, DALL·E, Leonardo.ai or Stable diffusion?

Yes. Keep in mind that each ai art generator will output slightly different results, as their models are trained on different data sets and interpret the prompts differently.

✅ Can I customise the prompt to my needs?

Yes, you can replace words in the prompts to customise the result. Each prompt includes a main subject and supporting visual elements which you can explore replacing.

Even if a bundle is about a specific topic, for example ‘Minimalist Portraits’, you can simply change the subject in the prompt (a portrait) to something you want (e.g. an animal) and it will retain the style!

There are thousands of different styles and concepts to explore in the bundles.

✅ Did you change just 1 or 2 words in each prompt or are they completely different?

Each prompt is completely different. Within each bundle, you will find a diverse range of creative ideas and styles related to the bundle’s topic.

✅ Can I change the aspect ratio of the prompt?

Yes. Depending on which ai art generator you are using, each has its own specific workflow for adjusting aspect ratios.

If you are using Midjourney and want a portrait orientated image, you may want to include ‘–ar 9:16’ to the end of the prompt – or – for a landscape orientated image, ‘–ar 16:9’.

✅ What format do the prompts and example images come in?

When you download a bundle, you will receive a folder containing all of the prompts with their example images.

✅ I have an idea for a prompt bundle, can I request it?

Yes, please send me a message! I would love to hear what ideas you have.

💖 Thank you for your support and happy generating!


✔️ You are allowed to use the prompts to generate images for personal or commercial use.

❌ You are not allowed to re-distribute/re-sell this item or any of the prompts within the download.

❌ You are not allowed to claim the prompts as your own.

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