Fantom Effect for Photoshop

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This Photoshop Action automatically converts text or logos into magical, mystical designs

How does it work?

Step 1: Load the Photoshop Action and brushes into Photoshop. You only need to load the files once to be able to use the effect over and over.

Step 2: Type out your text or open a graphic

Step 3: Click the play icon in the Actions panel. Done!

Looking for a font to try out?

Try Playfair Display:


The Photoshop Action has been tested and working in Photoshop CC 2019 and above


  • Every time you play the Photoshop Action, the results are different. 
  • Easy to save your design out with a transparent background, simply hide the ‘Background color’ layer.
  • Everything is layered, meaning you can do things like adjusting layer opacities, re-ordering layers, hiding layers etc to create different looks.
  • 20 preset color look Actions included. Layers are also setup for you to experiment with your own color looks.
  • Works with any font. Try out different fonts and see what kind of results you can come up with!

Video tutorial:

Thank you for your support and enjoy using the Effect!

30-day money-back guarantee