Sketch Generator – Draftum – Photoshop Plugin

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Create highly detailed sketch art from your photos with the Draftum Sketch Generator

The all in one sketch generator will convert photo’s into sketch styles with Draftum in a minutes.

Unique Sketch Fine Turning System (SFTS) and Sketch Presets give you the opportunity to create sketches of any complexity and style: Classic Sketch, Archi Sketch, Urban Sketch, Portrait Sketch, Watercolor Sketch, Tech Sketch, Mixed Sketch, Quick Sketch, Logo Sketch, Blueprint Sketch etc.

1. Plugin works only in Photoshop versions since CC2015.5
2. Plugin needs Oil Paint filter in Photoshop for correct work

Main features overview

Sketch Presets
Сhoose one of 10 popular sketch presets (like Urban Sketch or Archi Sketch) for instant styling of your sketch in accordance with preset.

Use sliders of Sketch Fine Turning System (SFTS) to get a unique and highly detailed results. Combination options are virtually limitless.

Smart Tools
Use unique «Smart Brush» and «Smart Eraser» buttons for improving sketch results (restore or erase details) with taking into account sketch style.

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