Octopus For Affinity Designer

Octopus For Affinity Designer

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Welcome to the most HIDEOUS set of vector-based liners you’ve ever seen for Affinity Designer! Use Octopus for:

  • Finishing Vector Drawings
  • Emulating Linocut Printing
  • Graphic Design


This nasty, wobbly and shaky collection of inking tools were created to help you get rid of the all-perfect digital look of vector linework and fill it up with beautiful imperfections.

Start worrying less about being TOO PERFECT and embrace the beauty of UGLINESS!

Item Details:

• 50 Vector-Based Brushes
• 2 Hi-Res Textures (3527×2600 px)


• Affinity Designer 1.7+ Win/Mac
• Designer 1.7+ for iOS

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.