New Edge

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Create dynamic opener with After Effects

New edge is a dynamic project in cyberpunk style. I used baked animation( obj sequence) to grow new blocks, lightning, and sphere animations. Therefore, the maximum that can be done with them is to change the playback speed in the Element3D. In the project, I wanted to show the growth and development of how a cube goes from a passive to a living structure. Therefore, 1 image is almost black, and at the end we see bright colors in the cube.

I also made a small GIF of the process of creating a main scene from which I developed further design


  • Data type: vector, text, 3d mode(1 scene)
  • Plug-in required: Element3dStardust
  • Modular Structure
  • 10 unique scenes
  • Stardust using in 1 location (pre-render version of this scene is included)
  • Up to 10 images in 7 scenes or a 3D model.


AirFamily – Trailer Futuristic

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