Glowing Neon Photoshop Brushes

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Unique Photoshop brushes with real glowing neon effect

Glowing Neon Photoshop Brushes
Really glowing neon in just one move! Neon tubes, light painting, neon dots, pen pressure sensitive light pen. Use special layer style included to get realistic glowing. Use special swatches to get realistic neon colors.

This is just magic!
You can draw with a pen to get shining neon lines. It’s so easy – one move and glowing neon tube is ready! Also you can use ‘Stroke Path’ function or draw with a mouse.

Brushes, layer style and swatches
Use all 3 files to get neon effect easily! Special colors for realistic look, special neon style for glowing.

27 Brushes in Total:
– 9 Neon Tubes
– 1 Dot Brush
– 6 Multiline Brushes
– 3 Glow Brushes
– 5 Neon + Pen Pressure
– 3 Light Painting Brushes

Using this set is the fastest way to get neon signs, neon art, add neon elements to your design.

What you get:
– .ABR file – 27 brushes
– .ASL file – special layer style for make neon glowing
– .ACO file – color swatches
– .JPG examples
– .PSD template for easy start

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