Free Aqua Brush Pack For Procreate

7 Free aqua brush pack for Procreate

Grab a drink, sit back and relax. Feel your body’s energy flowing through your veins with this set of whimsical water brushes. Use your Apple Pencil’s pressure and velocity to apply digital water, more pigment or blend colors naturally.

Aqua is the perfect companion to stay at home and sketch all your worries away!

Item Details:

7 Brushes for the iOS App, Procreate:

  • FTOON – Liner 0.6
  • FTOON – Dirty Wash
  • FTOON – Digital Wash A
  • FTOON – Digital Wash B
  • FTOON – Drop & Blend
  • FTOON – Grainy and Watery
  • FTOON – Turbulent
  • Procreate 4+
  • Apple Pencil-ready devices
  • Procreate Pocket 3+

Comic art and Manga style illustrations, Illustrating children’s books, Editorial illustration, Concept art sketching.

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