Fog Smoke Brush & PNG

Fog Smoke Brush & PNG

Another of our new products is fog smoke brush and transparent PNG to make your manipulation work easier, you can easily use it, and it looks very nice, you can do any color, your sublimation print is set very nicely, You can make movie posters very nicely, you can make banners, this brush or our png is great for background support for any dynamic work, and we tried and gave it a lot of good quality and you can color it very easily if you want, You can easily place it anywhere you want, fire style if you want, fog style if you want, smoke style if you want, you can use it as background if you want, and we have made a video tutorial on how to do it, the video If you look at it, you will understand how to use it. With that, we include two qualities of brush, one is row style and the other is fad style. I am doing 100% that the product is the high quality you should not miss this collection, the price may go up later

Special note:

A. See video & Follow Helpfile Instruction video link

B. Now price low discount price shows any time price will be updated.

C. 2 Photoshop Brushy Style include one Row and Fad

Products information & File Include:

• Total Unique Shap included 110

• 220 Photoshop Abr. format (brush file ) include file

• 220 Photoshop Transparent Png (png file) Format includes.

• Easy to use one-click actions

• Step-by-step video tutorials are including

• Professional results and very easy to use

Product Terms:

My Working Software Version: CC2015.5 English Version.

• Compatible with Photoshop CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC2015.5, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020+ English Version.

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Lifetime updates We always try to keep our products up to date, but in this case, we give the highest priority, the products that sell us the most, and those products we try to give new updates, after some time or if a customer gives us a message we need some updates. , And even if it mentions, we update them, or if after a while we feel the need to add something, or give a bonus file, then we do that, you don’t have to worry about updates, and you’ll get notifications when the product is updated, and we’ll mention the updated date in the product description.

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