Cybersport Opener

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Powerful Cybersport Opener


  • Plugin required: Element3d v2,saber,Optical flares, Stardust (1.5+ for volume light)
  • Stardust is not a critical plugin for this project, it is only used in a couple of scenes.
  • Stadium scene have 4 display(see only 2)
  • Main version
    • 2 conten scenes (not counting the stadium scene)
    • Total 6 image/video folder
  • Second version
    • 4 conten scenes (not counting the stadium scene)
    • Total 19 image/video folder (10 refers to the tunnel)(
  • The FPS screen can be replaced with an image
  • The stadium displays show the logo, this project is included
  • All 3d model(GPU,CPU,Keyborad, mouse) included
  • Flying through the clouds is a prerender


AirFamily – Trap Trailer

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