10 Ideogram Ai Art Prompts for Text Styles

10 Ideogram text style ai art prompts

These text style AI art prompts are best used with Ideogram. To replicate the example images shown but with your own text, create an account on Ideogram below:


These text style AI art prompts allow you to personalise the artwork with your own text.

The artistic style will remain consistent with each image you generate but the text will be replaced with your own message.

How does it work?

Upon download, you will receive 10 text files each with their detailed text prompt used to generate the style of artwork seen in the preview images.

You simply replace the words within the quotation marks in the prompt with your own text. For example, within the prompt you replace “my text” with any text you like, such as “Happy Birthday”.

From here, you copy and paste the prompt into the website Ideogram.ai to create the artwork with your personalised message within seconds.

Where do I use the prompt to generate the AI artwork?

The example images were generated using Ideogram. Visit Ideogram via the link below:


After creating an account on Ideogram, you are able to generate 25 free images per day. They also have paid plans if you need to generate a lot more images.

I recommend using Ideogram for this AI art prompt.

You can explore other AI art generators such as Dall-e (Chat GPT), Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Stable Diffusion and others. Please note that other AI art generators may not create text as well as others – and the results may differ from the examples images seen on this page.

If you would like to get the same results as seen in this items preview images, please use Ideogram.

Thank you for your support!

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