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Create a cinematic look intro or opener

The project was created using the Stardust plugin and if you do not change the camera, you will not need it. You can also change the camera but then the image will change a little, in the screenshots you will see the difference( see raw image below)


  • Data Type:vector, text, 3d model
  • Plugin required: Optical Flare
  • If you want to use 3D models, you will need a Element3d
  • Optionally Stardust will give you an additional visual appearance (see screenshots below)
  • 3 project options
  • Short, the duration 23 seconds
  • Dynamic, duration 60 seconds
  • Classic, duration 60 seconds
  • 3 color options (see screenshots below)
  • Modular structure
  • All icon included
  • 3D models are not included(see links below)


AirFamily – Digital Technology Trailer

3d model link

The drone needs to be converted to a different format. Open c4d lite, import the model, and save the file

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