Textmarker Pro for Photoshop 2021+

Textmarker Pro makes it easy to create text highlighting and underlines in Photoshop.

However, that’s not all – The plugin provides various transformations and displacements that alter the basic shape and give you useful and creative results. 

Product Features:

  • Works with any font and letter size / caps
  • Preset section to save/load own presets or use one of 28 prebuilt presets
  • Live-Updates to any changes made (press enter in input fields)
  • Settings are stored in the layer – get loaded on select
  • 5 advanced transformation types (Ribbon, Skew, Dashed, Blob, Speach Bubble)
  • 20 displacement maps (for grunge/brush effects etc)
  • Randomized Blob Generator – Unique shapes with every click
  • Input field validation (min/max and valid values)
  • Editable Vectors: Textmarker creates shape layers that you can scale up or adjust as you like
  • Automatically fits the interface look of the color scheme selected in PS
  • Optimized for performance: Path calculations are super fast and the updates happen immediately
  • Works with rotated text

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.