Sync Edit – Synchronize Photoshop Layers (Free)

Sync Edit makes it possible to edit just one layer and synchronize the changes to many other layers.

This is a free trial version. You can synchronize 2 layer at a time. Download the Full Version, if you want to edit unlimited amounts of layers at once.


  • Edit Many Layers at Once

  • Instant Change Updates

  • Works Across Documents

  • Works with any Layer Event (Events can be added, too)

  • Enable / Disable Events

  • Convenient Import Methods (all groups or by label color)

  • Easy-to-use Interface

  • 100% Precise Synchronization (also complex transformations)

Some example events that you can synchronize between multiple layers:

  • Transform

  • Set Layer Styles

  • Apply Filters

  • Change Blendmodes / Opacity Settings

  • Color / Light Adjustments

  • Delete Pixels

  • Change Text Properties (font, color, size, etc)

  • Rasterize / Convert to Smart Object

  • Change Label Colors

and more…

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.