Squid Brush Pack for Procreate

Squid Brush Pack for Procreate

Squid for Procreate is a collection of organic inking brushes that take advantage of the Apple Pencil® to help you reproduce the most natural feel when sketching, doing line work or painting on your Apple iPad®.

These brushes have been designed to be expressive and energetic, so don’t expect too many ‘precision’ tools here. Squid aims to make you explore the most artistic and wild side of your inner inker. These brushes will respond to the level of energy you’re up today; from soft and delicate strokes to authentic expressionist results. So, look no further, Squid will always give you the right tools for any inking project that reaches your hands.

Item Details:

22 Inking and illustration brushes for Procreate

  • Procreate 4+
  • Apple iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil

Comic Book Inking, illustration, calligraphy and Graphic Design

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