Pop-Up Book Starter Kit

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Everything you need to create a detailed pop-up book, no plugins required

Pop-Up Book Starter Kit features everything you need to create a detailed pop-up book, no plugins required.

With completely customizable scenes, covers and 10+ pages to fill with your own pop-ups, it’s an easy and creative way to bring your story to life!


Pop-Up Book Starter Kit

Featuring everything you need to create a digital pop-up book, Pop-Up Book Starter Kit is an incredibly easy-to-use template with a focus on creativity. Built with new After Effects users in mind, simply insert your pop-ups via placeholders and watch as your pop-up book comes to life.

Pop-Up Book Starter Kit has been tested and working on After Effects CS5.5, CS6and CC+ (Including CC2018).


Pop-Up Book Starter Kit features 3 Intro Variations (45 Degree, Straight and Standard), an editable front and back cover and a customizable background that you can insert your own design or simply select the gradient colors.

We’ve also included a few extra elements that might come in handy for your scenes: rain, snow, bubbles and beautiful page opening particles. Plus, all the illustrations from the demo are included for you to use in your pop-up book.

Take control of the close-up shots with an editable camera that you control. With real After Effects shadows being produced from your pop-ups, we think you’ll love the details packed into the final result!

If you’re not an After Effects pro, we’ve got you covered. Pop-Up Book Starter Kit includes detailed video tutorials that walk you through every step of the editing process.

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