POP – Macro Pack For Affinity Photo

POP - macro pack for Affinity Photo. Would you like your very own Andy Warhol print :))

Combine the power of Affinity Photo Macros and simple coloring techniques to transform your photos into beautiful pieces of pop art.

POP gives you the tools to create amazing ready-to-work templates, full colored tone separations and one-click special effects, all in the same pack. Once you’ve finished your compositions, POP provides you with a nice set of post-production tools to give your artwork the gritty edgy look of those vintage hand-printed artworks.

Item Details:

  • 12 Macro Presets for Affinity Photo
  • 20-page User’s Guide (PDF)
  • POP – Black Channel
  • POP – Black Channel (Toned)
  • POP – Black + Line Work
  • POP – Nineties Split
  • POP – Line Extraction
  • USER – Freestyle / A
  • USER – Freestyle / B
  • POST – POP Dots
  • POST – Vintager / A
  • POST – Vintager / B
  • POST – POP Mosaic
  • POST – Smooth
  • Affinity Photo 1.7+ Mac/Win
  • Affinity Photo for iPad (iPad Pro recommended)

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