Plexus Maker Photoshop Extension

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Plexus Maker is a next-generation particle rendering plugin for Adobe Photoshop

The plugin does complex mathematical calculations instantly to compute how a path is transformed. A curved path might have only two points, but according to settings, Plexus Maker can subdivide the curved path into multiple segments with main points and auxiliary points, all specifically placed and interconnected, forming a well defined plexus structure.

Plexus Maker Features

  • Create plexus text effects
  • Create variated plexus structures from vector shapes (Paths)
  • Create background plexus effects
  • 35+ control settings
  • Tightly controlled or loose, randomised results
  • Preset system for settings and colours
  • Separate colours for lines and dots
  • Custom, user defined brushes for lines and dots
  • Transparent results
  • Easily 3D-fy with several layers
  • Easily add depth of field with lens blur
  • Any resolution
  • detailed user guide

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