Perfect Oils 2. 46 Brushes + 5 Impasto Styles

About this Item

Real impressions of painting oils, also Layer Styles for the effect of thick impasto paint stroke

The Perfect Oils. Part 2. 46 Mixer Brush Presets for Photoshop CS5+ and 5 “Impasto” Layer Styles.

For desktop versions only.

The Advantages of this Tool Set

  • Realistic Oils and Acrylic paints imitation

  • Simple color blending

  • Liquid/soft paint sensation

  • Painting and mixing new color right into existing (like a real oil painting)

  • Brushes for expressive or soft painting techniques

  • Helps to paint more realistic

  • Life-like sketching and painting process

  • Helps to form a unique painting style

  • Rich creative opportunities

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