Pencil & Dry Media Procreate brushes

Plush Pencil & Dry Media Brush Collection for Procreate

Here’s why you’ll love this plush collection:

  • 5 Pencil Brushes each with unique texture and purpose, helping you draw anything from sketchy pieces to soft delicate illustrations
  • 3 Filler Brushes with a variety of texture perfect for adding large areas of pigment
  • 10 Shader Brushes each with unique grain, designed to be used as both the base of a drawing or highlights to enhance your artwork
  • 5 Hatch Brushes created to save you time – why spend hours hatching when there’s a brush for that!
  • And finally 7 exciting Texture Brushes with an array of interesting grain perfect for hair, shadows, overlays and more!

Included in this Procreate Plush Pencil & Dry Media Collection:

  • 5 x Pencil Brushes
  • 3 x Filler Brushes
  • 10 x Shader Brushes
  • 5 x Hatch Brushes
  • 6 x Texture Brushes and 1 Dirt Spray Brush
  • 3 x Paper Textures in jpeg format (3900px x 4950px)
  • 1 x Ready-to-draw Procreate document with 3 paper textures (3900px x 4950px)
  • 4 x Procreate colour palettes

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.