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Create highly realistic paintings from your photos with 1 click in Photoshop

The Painted Photoshop Effect is a Photoshop tool that will automatically transform your photo’s into highly realistic abstract paintings with no work at all.

What can typically take hours/days of digital painting (or real painting) can now be achieved with 1 click, a little bit of patience and no Photoshop experience.

How does it work?

After loading your photo and required files into Photoshop, you simply click the play icon in the Photoshop Actions panel. That’s all! Sit back and wait for your masterpiece to be created.


The Photoshop Action is compatible with Photoshop CC 2018 and above

Video tutorial:

View here

A link to the video tutorial is also included in the ‘Readme.txt’ file in the download.

Features included:

  • A 1 click process. After opening your photo in Photoshop, you only need to click the play button in the Action panel to create the effect.
  • Re-ordering layers create various different painting looks.
  • Drips and paint splatter can be turned on with the click of a button.
  • Brush on areas where you want more or less of your original photo’s detail.
  • A smoothing brush that allows you to brush over any area of your painting and smooth out the textures.
  • Each time you run the Photoshop Action on your photo, you will get a unique looking result.
  • A simple and well-organized layer structure.
  • A comprehensive video tutorial walking you through how to set up your Photoshop document and edit your results.

Important to know:

  • Check you are using the English version of Photoshop to run the Action on. 
  • Check you are using a version of Photoshop that the Action supports.
  • Watch the video tutorial to ensure you have your Photoshop file setup correctly. A link to the tutorial is included in the ‘Readme.txt‘ file in the download.
  • Use high-resolution photos with the Action for the best results and to avoid errors. I highly recommend scaling your photo into the 3500px – 4500px range (at the long dimension) for the best results. Even if your photo is only 1000px at the long dimension, scale it up much larger.
  • With Adobe Creative Cloud, you can install multiple versions of Photoshop. If you like this Action but is not supported on your version of Photoshop, you can always install an additional version of Photoshop to run the Action on. Once an Action has been tested and working on a version of Photoshop, it will always work.
  • Use Jpeg or Png images to run the Action on. Other file types such as TIFF, BMP, PSD can cause issues with Actions, as Photoshop disables various features for different file types.


Take a look through the FAQ page here for solutions to errors as well as announcements regarding item updates.

Thankyou for your support!


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