Octane Texture Pack 4: Contemporary Design

101 drag-and-drop contemporary textures for Octane

You’re in this business to be creative. So get to the important things: concept, design, creative storytelling. 

Get your head out of the node tree and stick to what you love doing – we’ll take care of the technical slog. Simply drag-and-drop, iterative, move fast, deliver incredible realism to your client and get home in time for supper! We’ve got your back with the Contemporary Design pack!


A Cinema 4D .lib4d with 101 shaders. All textures are 16 bit, 4k and tileable. Most are even set up with Triplanar Mapping to make it incredibly easy for you to use.

The textures are all 4K, 16 Bit, and set up to be seamless and tileable. Most are set up with Triplanar Mapping so everything is simple for you to use. Every texture has smudges, dirt, flecks, and subtle variations to make them incredibly realistic. And like always these are drag-and-drop ready straight from an easy to access .lib4d in your Cinema 4D content browser.

30-day money-back guarantee