Molecules Opener

Create a beautiful opener with molecules

Molecules Opener is an up to date and fresh After Effects template with a slow motion. In it, molecules accelerate and slow down to form different patterns.


  • Plug-in: Redgiant Form

  • Prerender version included

  • Color control

  • 5 title fields

  • 1 logo field

AirFamily – Ambient Atmospheric Ident

About Form

I have included the source files in the base version. But the form behaves very strangely and perhaps this is the features of my version 4.1.5. When I set up the scene and camera angle, it is only necessary to restart the computer, then next time you will see a completely different picture. Because of this, it is necessary to pick up the angle again every time. Thus, you can create a large number of different frames. Therefore, although they are nested, they will differ from the pre-rendered versions in the preview. By default, all the form layers are disabled and you need to enable them in each scene.

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