Luminous: Reflective 3D Textures

A set of colorful, fluid and metallic 3D textures.

These pieces have a fluid metallic vibe, and are filled with vibrant color, evoking feelings of power and mystery. They will work great for a variety of projects, like packaging design, concert posters, album art and more.

Using Photoshop, you can easily customize the look and feel by using adjustment layers like hue/saturation, color balance or invert. Since these resources are super high resolution, they’ll work great in print or web graphics. Use the full pieces or crop in close on the gorgeous macro details.


Using the included Variant Builder PSD (compatible with Photoshop and Affinity), you can easily customize the feel of each texture to get a multitude of different looks by using pre-built adjustments. Since all Variant Builder PSD adjustments are live filters/effects, you can fine tune them even more for your specific project or create your own custom adjustments.


Also included is a set of .abr brushes made from the textures so you can easily build and create your own custom textures using Photoshop or Affinity.


  • 15 PNG files
  • 6000 x 6000px (20x20in)
  • 300dpi in RGB colorspace
  • Variant Builder PSD Template
  • Set of Photoshop/Affinity brushes

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