Lomography Typography PS Action

Create a trendy modern design from your photos with just a few clicks.

Keeping up with modern trends, Lomo Typography Action offers a huge number of possibilities for perfect image creation.

Analogue, 35mm, light leak, grunge, and halftone effects!
Unique design created by the action each time it’s playing, thanks to developed in-house original code, which generate procedural grid system.
Thus, each iteration is unique and produces a different and sophisticated layout.

Keep your Photoshop Preset Manager neat. Only one pattern image needs to be loaded!
No extra brushes, gradients, shapes, etc.
The visual aesthetic was inspired by the fundamentals of traditional graphic design: balanced composition and grid-based proportions.

There’s no need to make the selection. Just open the image and hit play.
The action let the user define certain aesthetic parameters, such as custom titles for example


  • Different results every time!
  • Custom titles
  • 2040px and 4080px height image output


  • 1 .atn file (Action)
  • 1 .pat file (Pattern)
  • 1 Video tutorial (YouTube)
  • 1 Help file

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