InstantAI – Black & White Photoshop Colorizer

InstantAI BW Colorizer is a Photoshop plugin that colorizes black and white or sepia images using artificial intelligence.

How does it work?

The plugin sends images to a processing cloud that has been trained using deep learning to recognize various features in black&white photos such as skin, eyes, lips, hair, clothing, materials, vegetation and water and recolor them. It provides almost instant results, far superior to Photoshop’s latest colorization function. This is because objects are better recognized and the colors they are assigned have a much wider palette of nuances.


  • Colorize images of any resolution

  • Colorization process takes usually around 10-20 seconds

  • One click transforms a black&white picture into a colored one 

  • Processing is done in the cloud

  • Superior results

This plugin requires cURL to upload black&white images to the processing cloud and download back the colorized images. cURL comes by default with macOS or Windows 10 (from May 2018).

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.