Freestyler – Brushes for Procreate

About this Item

Create Multiple Lettering Styles with Little Effort!

I used to find it hard to produce individual pieces of art that contained lots of different lettering styles combined with quirky doodle elements, so I took time to practice and produce a resource to enable others to this quickly and easily and, more importantly, to have fun while doing it.

FREESTYLER combines a mixture of brushes such as outline, 3D, flat, monoline, texture and pattern. Giving you unique styles with little effort but a powerful impact. Some brushes will create a look as soon as you start drawing with them, whilst others I will guide you through the process with the included user manual.

Here are the brushes:

  • Pencil Sketch Brush to get your ideas down!
  • Slipstream Monoline (Standard, Outline & 3D)
  • Riptide Brush Script (Standard, Outline & 3D)
  • Roughneck (Monoline, Taper & Detail)
  • SloppyJoe (Monoline, Taper & Detail)
  • Unique 3 (Rock + Roller, High Five & Broken Arrow)
  • Pattern (Pinboard, Spray Can, Confetti, Milky Way)
  • Liner (Flight Path, Rain Maker, Bread Crumbs, Super Star)
  • Smudgy
  • Wingman Paper Plane!

Bonus Packs:

  • 10 x Paper Texture Brushes
  • Doodle Pack of Eyes and Mouth Brushes
  • Colour Palette

You also get an in-depth user manual which includes:

  • Using the Outline & 3D brushes
  • Coloring the Outline & 3D brushes
  • Creating and Colouring 3D Letters
  • How to Draw a Flag
  • How to Draw a Rain Cloud
  • Example Alphabets

Everything you need to push forward your creativity and let the ideas flow!


  • App: Procreate 5.0 and above
  • Hardware: iPad Pro or iPad 2017 or higher
  • iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher

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