Faux 77 For Affinity Photo

Faux 77 for Affinity photo

2.0 Update! Faux 77 is a collection of 64 color and texturing  tools for Affinity Photo. Create stunning vintage-style setups in minutes. Stop spending hours adjusting Curves, Selective Color, Lens Filters, Channel Mixers, Gradient Maps or creating light leaks by hand.

With its non-destructive structure and drag-n-drop workflow, Faux 77 offers you a beautiful modular retro photo-development studio.

Item Details:

  • 12 Tone Maps
  • 16 Hi-Res Overlays
  • 18 Full Setup Macros
  • 20 Modular Macros
  • Affinity Photo 1.10+ Mac, Win
  • Affinity Photo 1.10+ iOS

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