Easy Cut – Layer Splitting Kit for Photoshop

Easy Cut makes it possible to cut any layer type with just a click in Photoshop.


  • Cut any Layer Type (Pixel-Layers, Shapes, Texts, Smart Objects, …)
  • Use Guidelines, Paths or Selections to cut
  • Split a Layer into equally sized Parts
  • Automatically cut based on Events (new guideline, draw one-point-path & more)
  • Mode to run in Background (- use Cut-Function while the panel is closed)
  • Cutting results in two or more spearate layers
  • Layerstyles and Shapeattributes are kept
  • Possible to select all Layer Parts afterwards
  • Option to add a Name Appendix ([1], [2])
  • Editable Shape Cuts (Turn off “Merge Path Components”)
  • Process all selected Layers at once
  • Works with any active Ruler Unit
  • Option to rasterize Smart Objects before cutting
  • Easy-to-use Panel Interface

This item is currently not available on Sevenstyles.