Cyber Threat || Opener For After Effects

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Introduce about your cyber protection technologies with this stylish project for After Effects

Cyber Threat this is a stylized After Effects project about the cyber threats of our time.. Data theft, payment fraud, infrastructure destruction, DDOS attacks, every user of the planet faces these threats directly or indirectly. This project is well suited to introduce new products, technologies, production processes and many others.


  • Data type: text, icon
  • Based on Prerender
  • 18 unique scenes
  • 16 scenes lasting 8 seconds
  • 2 scenes are short (150 and 90 frame)
  • Color control

About the color. You can repaint the entire video in monochrome, but it is impossible to change only red to any color. In the method I proposed, red can be changed to a color close to it, for example yellow. See the screenshots below


AirFamily – Agressive Industrial Intro

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