Creepy Halloween Horror Text Effect Template

Giallo ·

Text effect template in High Resolution for Adobe Photoshop that can be customized - automatic VFX made by Gianluca Giacoppo

High Resolution Template for the creation of a creepy, gloomy VFX. Great for titles and covers of any kind, this is an asset that we can use when making horror, creepy scenario. Contains separated elements to create your own composition.
– Works with Adobe Photoshop Cs6 and superiors (means all the CC versions included)
– 3600×3600 pixels, 72 DPI. You can transform the final Result in CMYK or any other color mode and depth.
– Easy to Use, organized layers and groups.
How to Use
– Open one of the provided template in .psd format
– Open the Layers Panel (Windows – Layers Panel)
– Look for a Group named “Main Text” and look for a Red Layer named “Your Text Here”
– This layer is a Smart Object: Right Click on this Smart Object indicated in red and choose “Edit Contents”: it will open a new document where we place our text or symbol. You can also double-click on its thumbnail to Open it.
– Place your Text or Symbol in this Smart Object, Close it and Click Yes when asked to Save.
– After a brief moment the Smart Object will be updated with your text or symbol
You have to know
This Template contains all our experience in making cool vfx for the community, if you’re happy, or not happy, with the result please let us know!
Creating a polished result will require extra tuning on the Layers, and multiple attempts: reposition the text or symbol inside the Smart Object, try not to move the Layers in the Main Document.
30-day money-back guarantee