Chroma Supply Subscription

Instant access to our entire library. All future products for free.

Valued at over $2400, get all of Chroma Supply’s current digital products (plus all future digital products) for only $449. This is a massive collection of tools and textures at OVER 80% OFF!


Chroma Supply produces the best abstract resources for designers and creatives. Our resources are unique, vibrant and always high quality. Our Subscription is the perfect way for you to access all the products in our shop, which totals:

  • 3751 textures
  • 329 video animations
  • 6 After Effects template
  • 16 product demo/tutorial videos
  • 80 Photoshop/Affinity .abr brush sets
  • 4 smart PSDs
  • 84 PSD demos/templates
  • 28 social media templates
  • 2 sets of layer styles
  • 2 lettering sets
  • 8 illustrations
  • 18 pieces of vector art


PLUS, it also includes all our future products. As more products are added to the site, the price for the Chroma Supply Subscription will go up, so purchase it now to lock in your lowest price!


  • Subscription access requires an account on If you have an account, make sure you are logged in when you purchase the Subscription. If you do not have an account, please create one prior to your purchase.
  • After your purchase, use the Subscriber Access page to access your downloads.


How does the subscription work?
You pay a one time fee for a lifetime subscription to Chroma Supply. You’ll receive instant access to all products in our shop and you’ll also receive all future products for FREE. (View all products here.)

How much does it cost?
We currently have 147 products in our shop with a total value of $2426. With our Subscription, you get them all for just $449 (over 75% off!), plus the deal gets better with every new product added to our shop.

How will I know when a new product is available to download?
Subscription members are always notified first about new products. They receive a brief email announcing the product along with a link to access the free download.

How often can I expect free “future products?”
While we can’t commit to a specific schedule or quantity, we always have new products in the works. To give you an idea, the Subscription was launched in August 2016, priced at $99 for 17 products. Since then we’ve released 129 products, all of which those original Subscription members have received FOR FREE.

Can I wait and get the subscription later?
While you can purchase the subscription at any time, you’ll get the most for your money if you purchase it now. We originally launched the subscription with 17 products for $99. As more products were added, we’ve had to steadily increase the price and will continue to do so. To lock in the best deal, you’ll want to buy it now.

Is the Subscription right for me?
The Chroma Supply Subscription is for you if…

  • Every time you see a new product from us, you think “I WANT THAT RIGHT NOW.” Subscription members get EVERYTHING.
  • You don’t want to bother keeping up with our new product launches. Subscription members are notified first about every new product. You’ll receive an email with the product info along with a link to access the free download. You’ll never miss a new product again.
  • You want instant—and forever—access to a massive library of vibrant and unique abstract products. Subscription members can easily access our library of products at any time. All you need is an internet connection.
  • You love supporting independent artists. Chroma Supply is one person—Jim LePage—who has a passion for creating abstract products for the design community. Jim has created the majority of Chroma Supply products himself. The rest have been in collaboration with other independent artists.

Still have questions? Shoot us a message at [email protected].

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