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  • Data Type:vector, text, image
  • Plugin required: Optical FlareElement3d,Stardust
  • 6 titles folder
  • 4 main images
  • Modular structure
  • Video (drone, dna) not included(link below)
  • Image not included


AirFamily – Future Technology


Inverse and DNA is a demo for 2 scenes. The idea of these scenes is that some detail of the scene appears, let’s say we build some object and then see the whole result.

Known issue

Because this is a element3D in most cases, it loses the path to 3D models. To fix this, you need to open all the scenes, find the e3d layer in them, and go to the scene settings. Next, if the element does not offer you to specify the path to the models (usually the footage folder), you need to do it manually. File> relink scene file. Repeat in all scenes and all layers with element 3d

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