AI power

Create cinematic look intro or opener

Ai power is an dynamic After Effects template with a stylish design. The lines in this project symbolize growth and transformation into a core that triggers a chain reaction. You can use this as an introduction to your science fiction videos, documentaries, TV shows, series, films, movies and so much more. It contains 13 text placeholders,1 logo, tag line fields and a color controller. No plugins required.

Features for prerender

Data type: text

  • Not plug-in required

  • Based on pre-remders

  • Color control

  • Modular Structure

  • 13 title scenes

  • 1 logo

  • 10 unique scenes

  • Duration of each scenes from 100 to 200 frames

  • Color control

Features for source

  • Plug-in required: Stardust, Optical Flare

  • You get source setup

  • 3d model from preview Not included

  • Prerender version included

  • Color Control

Setup is able to work with most forms of 3d models. Although it may need a little tweaking.


Music is not included

AirFamily – Cinematic Trailer Teaser

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