50 Hi-Res SPLASHES brushes for PROCREATE

50 Professional Quality High Resolution (up to 2500 px) SPLASH+ brushes for designers and digital artists.

SPLASHES for Procreate:
50 Hi-Res (up to 2500 px) splash, spatter, blots, fingerprint brushes


Introducing the Procreate version of SPLASHES.

For Procreate and Procreate Pocket (iPad and iPhone versions)

 • Splash
 • Splatter
 • Blot
 • Smudge
 • Fingerprints
 • Drip-drop 

Vary pencil pressure and tilt when putting multiple splashes:
So each next stamp will differ from the previous ones by size, direction (turning), and shade.

There’s also The Photoshop version of SPLASHES (also works with Photoshop Elements, Adobe Fresco)

How to install the brushes:

• Tap the downloaded SPLASHES_50_Hi-Res_Brushes.brushset file in your iPad ‘FILES’ application to launch it. It automatically opens Procreate, and the imported set with the same title will appear at the top of the brush category list.
• Go to the brushes list in Procreate, tap the “+” sign at the top, right to the “Brush Library” title, and then choose ‘Import’ at the top of the Brush Studio window;
• Then specify the file with the downloaded brush set (SPLASHES_50_Hi-Res_Brushes.brushset);
• Voila! The folder with the set named “SPLASHES 50 Hi-Res Brushes” will appear at the top of the brush category list.

30-day money-back guarantee