490 Midjourney Prompts for Sports

A bundle of 490 customisable Midjourney prompts for sports.

● Each prompt in the download comes with four example images generated by that prompt. This allows you to simply browse through the images, select any you like and then copy/paste the prompt into Midjourney to generate your own variations.

● The prompts are designed to be adaptable. You can change keywords in the prompts to fine-tune the artistic style or replace the main subject/topic keywords to your own specific needs.

● The prompts include a wide range of creative styles and artists, along with word weighting to enhance key visual elements in your generated images. 

● Each prompt is designed in a square format, giving you the flexibility to add your desired aspect ratio to the end of the prompts. 

Note: All example images generated by the prompts were created in Midjourney version 5.1. If you are using a newer version of Midjourney, expect your results to be even better!

Midjourney prompt bundle’s FAQ’s:

Can I change the main subject/topic in the prompts?

Yes! The subjects you see in the example images are just to demonstrate the prompt. Simply locate the subject keyword(s) in the prompt you want to replace and type in your own subject/topic. In some cases, there may be prompts that that describe a character/topic in a more detail. For example, a prompt might describe the appearance of a character across a few keywords, in this case, you might want to change those keywords to be more in-line with the description of your character.

What is included in the download?

In the download is a folder containing all the prompts and example images generated by each prompt. Each image will be named ‘Example (1).jpg, Example (2).jpg, etc’ along with a matching text file with the same name, ‘Example (1).txt, Example (2).txt, etc’. I have set it up this way so you can browse through the images and quickly locate the matching prompt text file. TIP: Inside the prompts folder in the download, sort the folder by ‘name’, so that each prompt text file is right next to the matching image.

Can I change the aspect ratio?

Yes! I have not included any aspect ratio parameters to the end of each prompt. Simply add your desired aspect ratio to adjust the width or height of your images. For example, if you want a portrait orientated image, you may want to include ‘–ar 9:16’ to the end of the prompt – or – for a landscape orientated image, ‘–ar 16:9’.

Is each prompt different or have you just changed 1 or 2 keywords in the prompts?

Each prompt is completely different. They focus on a variety creative styles and descriptive keywords, each constructed in a different way. Prompts may also include various artists to help provide more visual differentiation between prompts. 

Can I use the prompts for Stable Diffusion or any other text-to-image generator?

Absolutely! Just be aware that prompts in the download include word weighting specific to Midjourney. Just make sure to remove the weights (e.g. ‘::1.5’) from the prompt before copy/pasting into other art generators, as they will have no effect on the output. 

Thank you for your support and happy generating!

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