316 Midjourney Interior Design Prompts

Create high quality digital art with this collection of 316 Midjourney interior design ai art prompts.

What does the download include?

316 creative image prompts focused around various styles of interior design from around the world.

Each prompt comes with 4 example images generated by the prompt, so you can simply browse the images, pick your favourite and then copy/paste the prompt into Midjourney to start creating.

Prompt features:

–  The prompts showcase interior designs from diverse cultures around the globe. Edit the prompts to customize your interiors to your needs.

– The prompts include Midjourney word weights, which applies greater emphasis to key words in the prompt to help those visuals stand out more in your generated image.

– Prompts feature diverse interior designer styles, to align with other keywords in the prompt. For example, if the prompt centers around Italian interior design characteristics, it may mention Italian interior designers to help give your images a unique look.

– Prompts are carefully structured to focus keywords around categories such as, ‘style and technique’, ’time and culture’, ‘setting and environment’, ‘visual and artistic aspects’, ‘narrative and theme’, ‘social and cultural context’ and much more.

– Each prompt adheres to the best practises in prompt creation, such as, ordering of keywords, avoiding word duplication, prompt length, prompt weights, descriptive use of creative methods (lighting, angles, colors, textures etc).

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