25 Free Marker Brushes for Illustrator

Download this free set of 25 realistic marker brushes for Illustrator

These markers were scanned in 2400 dpi, then cleaned, gently sharpened, released from boring white pixels, separated on layers then taken back to original size with 300 dpi which provides maximum information at a handy scale. Afterwards imported to the Adobe Illustrator Brush Library, named, organized and separately adjusted.

25 ESSENTIAL MARKERS FOR ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR are available as Image Brushes (CC+) and Vector Brushes (CS6+).

Install by hitting the the menu icon of your window / brush panel / open brush library / other… …or simply by putting the file in the Brushes folder which you find inside Illustrator / Presets / …

…have fun!

… more Freebies at www.hejbrush.com

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