1000 Free Sref Codes for Midjourney: Vol 8

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Download 1000 free sref (style reference) codes for Midjourney: volume 8

What is a ‘–sref’ code?

When you add ‘–sref’ followed by a number to the end of your prompt in Midjourney, it will apply a consistent style to your images.

How do –sref codes work?

Add ‘–sref’ followed by the code to the end of your prompt.

For example:

”Supercar in a cyberpunk city –sref 3532620579″
”A dog playing in the park –sref 3299099873″
”Portrait of an elderly fisherman –sref 734641334″

What is included in the download?

In the ‘1000 Sref Codes for Midjourney’ folder, you will find 1000 images that come with a corresponding .txt file. Within each .txt file is the –sref code used to generate that image style. Simply copy the –sref code and place it at the end of your prompt in Midjourney.

More prompts?

This prompt bundle along with 130+ other ai art prompt bundles are included in the all access pass.

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